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Tai Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu school China

Tai Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu School China combines traditional Shaolin martial arts training and mandarin study, with Confucius culture, located at the foot of scared Mount Tai (UNESCO World Heritage Site), in ancient and cultural Taian city of Shandong province, China.


The students are welcomed to learn traditional Shaolin Kung Fu (Gong Fu in Chinese),Mandarin (Standard Chinese),Chinese culture and Confucius theory, Chinese kickboxing ( Sanda ), Wing Chun, Chi Kung,Tai Chi, Bagua,Xingyi,Baji and Chinese martial arts here.


Shaolin Kung Fu is taught by shaolin warrior monks with authentic lineage from original Shaolin Temple Song mountain,Dengfeng city.Shaolin Masters train students seriously with rich kung fu teaching experiences in China and abroad.


The Chinese mandarin is taught under professional Chinese teachers with deep Confucius theory and knowledge, who are qualified to teach international students to learn Chinese Mandarin and take exam in HSK. (Standard Chinese Grades Test For Foreigners ).


Confucianism is a Chinese ethical and philosophical system coming from Chinese philosopher, Confucius. Confucius is a great Chinese thinker and social philosopher in Chinese history. His philosophy focuses on personal and governmental morality, justice and sincerity, correctness of social relationships, and that good values have been influencing the culture and history of Chinese for five thousand years.


We can offer the best training programs for the students from around the world who would like to learn Chinese Kung Fu seriously as well as Chinese Mandarin.

What you can learn in school:

*A scientific Shaolin Kung Fu training program
*Traditional Shaolin Forms& Chinese kickboxing
*Chinese Mandarin
*Chinese culture and Confucius Theory
*Internal Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation, etc.
*Weapons & Acrobatics
*Application of each Kung fu Style

The Benefits you will get from learning in school:

* Improve mental and physical health
* Increase your stamina and flexibility
* Study self -defense
* Develop a healthy way of Life
* Study with authentic Shaolin Master from original Shaolin Temple
* Learn Chinese mandarin with professional Chinese teacher
* Study Chinese  and Confucius Culture


The students are encouraged to choose the program most suitable for themselves. The students can learn full time kung fu, they can learn half-day kung fu and half-day mandarin with Chinese culture and Confucius theory, or the students can elect to take full Mandarin lessons if they would like to focus on Mandarin study. We also offer free optional cultural classes in the evening, as the students can learn Calligraphy,Acupuncture, Massage,Chinese medicine,Taoism and Buddhism.


The school is located at the foot of Mount Tai with very friendly people and deep culture and history,that is a perfect place to learn Shaolin kung fu and study Chinese mandarin. Students can travel during the weekend to Jinan,the capital city of Shandong province and Qufu, home of Confucius,thirty minutes from school to the two places respectively. Through kung fu training here,students will quit their previous incorrect habits and got benefits to mental and physical health.

We are dedicated to promote traditional shaolin kung fu,Chinese culture and philosopy as well as  Confucius culture  and Chinese Mandarin. We welcome students to learn kung fu and culture here.



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