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UK student Frank Dexter\\\'s Review


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Learning Shaolin Kung Fu here has been a great adventure.

Frank Dexter

Learning Shaolin Kung Fu here has been a great adventure. I came out here with a friend of mine for five weeks, having had no previous martial arts training, and have been pushed to my limits, but had a blast along the way. The school is right surrounded by mountains and training here has is breathtaking. The kung fu masters here were great, they pushed us hard to achieve our potentials, and were always keen to show us new skills and help us develop and perfect our forms, and the atmosphere has been pretty lighthearted although intense.

I enjoyed how diverse the training was, each day had a particular focus; basics, sparing, traditional Kung fu, Sanda, power training, conditioning, and we had to climb a mountain once a week, which was mad. There were a bunch of other students at the school when we arrived from all over the world, at different stages of martial arts development, staying for different periods of time, and we all lived together in the schools main building and bonded really quickly. The training was exhausting though and by the end of days we would all just hand around and chat. There was loads of support around too and translators on hand if we had any problems to deal with which proved really handy.

The food was interesting mainly rural Chinese dishes, which was a nice change from what I’m used to back home, and the surrounding village was lively, packed with other martial arts schools with people training all the time. In all we had a great experience here. I have learnt a lot, and can take what I have learned here home and continue practicing.

I would recommend this experience to anyone who has an interest in martial arts and wants to get an authentic feel of rural china.

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Frank learn five weeks in kung fu school China.