Excellent shaolin masters from temple Ancient Shaolin Temple of Song Mountain

The Introductions of Shaolin Martial Arts Masters of School

There are different Shaolin martial arts masters whose contributions and achievements have been celebrated for centuries. As well, now, there are different masters whose contributions have been of great significance towards promoting the importance of Chinese martial arts. This is an introductory discussion of some Shaolin Martial Arts masters of China JiangNan shaolin Kungfu school.

The students will be in a position of learning Chinese Kung Fu from the Chinese masters at the JiangNan shaolin Kungfu school.

Respected Abbot Shi Yong Xi...

Respected Abbot Shi Yong Xin.Yong Xin is presently a Shaolin Abbot and serves at the Mount Song Shaolin Temple monastery. He studied his Shaolin Gongfu theories and culture of Buddhism for many years in a Shaolin monastery,dengfeng city,Henan province. As a student, he managed to achieve many goals and expertise. He later took his present power and office in the year 1999. His appointment to the position would make him the 13th successor. His other positions include serving as the Vice-chair of the Buddhist Association of China. He also represents the ninth National People’s Congress. He is respected for his role of promoting the Shaolin Temple’s culture, teaching martial arts and other aspects of Buddhists culture. He is also known to have played a huge role towards restoring the Shaolin Temple of China and at the same time helped promote and widen the ideas of Chinese Gongfu across the world.

Kungfu Master Xu,Master Xu

Kungfu Master Xu,Master Xu is known by many as a former student of Wang Jian Zhong. Wang Jian is a widely respected and famous teacher who taught his all forms of traditional martial arts. Xu also studied plum blossom under the famous Wang Zhong. He also continued to study Chi na and plum blossom by himself. Later in 2003, Master Xu had gained more training in different styles such as Chen, Push Hands and Taiji. He also holds a record from the 1995 June 6-Nations Shaolin Martial Arts competitions whereby he won the Plum Blossom Chuan and also in Double Whip. He won the Chen Style in the National Taiji Forms festivals of 2009. He was also second for Taichi Sword. Xu also participated in the National plum blossom Championship held in Shandong Province. He was able to get the award for Short Weapons and was second in Forms. Later in August 2011, Master Xu managed to excel in the Chun Qui broadsword during the competition held in Jiaozou City. He is therefore an accomplished master in Plum Blossom, Single Sword, 9-Section Whip, Chunqiu da dao (Autumn-Spring broadsword), Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, and Chinese Chuan. Recently, during the Chinese Martial Arts Competition held in July and August 2012, Master Xu managed to be number one in Tai Chi and Big Sword.

Master Shi Yan Kuo

Yan Kuo studied different traditional martial arts as a child from Chuan Master Guo. His achievements and knowledge at a young age saw him getting a chance to study at Mount Song Shaolin Temple Monastery,dengfeng city,Henan province. Here, he was in a position of training in traditional Forms and Kick Boxing (called the Chinese Sanda). He would eventually become an accomplished fighter in Wing Tsun, Tai Chi, Miao Sword (Taiji), Baji, external and internal Chi Kung, and other Shaolin forms and traditional martial arts. During the festivals of 2009, Shi Yan was positioned first in 55 Kilo. This was during the 6th International Chinese Kick boxing held in Yantai. He would later be awarded in the 57 Kilo championship in 2011. He was also able to attain the first position during the Traditional Chinese Shaolin Martial Arts Competition in Yantai City in 2012 in Jin Gang Zhan Forms. He also won in Baji during the Mantis Fist Kung fu Festival held in Shangdong Province, Yantai.

Shi Yan Guang

Shi Yan Guang,34th generation Shaolin monk of original Shaolin Temple Song mountain .He began to learn traditional Chinese Shaolin kung fu in Shaolin Temple at a very young age. He studied traditional shaolin kung fu forms and various weapons as well as Sanda(Chinese kickboxing) in shaolin temple.He participated Chinese Kickboxing Competition held by Henan province,and won first place in the 56kg fighting categories .And He got second place in in 57 kg sparing in Chinese Kickboxing Competition held by Luoyang city.He took part in China Shaolin Forms championships,he was awarded First place in Shaolin Staff.He is highly skilled at traditional shaolin kung fu forms,weapons,Sanda(Chinese kickboxing), Shaolin staff ,Da Hong Chuna, Chang Hu Xin Men Chuan ,Lian Huan Spear(Interlink Spear),etc.In 2012 August traditional shaolin kung fu competitions held in Yantai city, he was awarded first place at shaolin southern sword.

Master Shi Yan Teng.

Yang Teng is currently one of the 34th generation Shaolin Warriors Monk. He has gained much training from the shaolin temple where he learned Kung Fu as in six years. He also studied different forms of Chinese Kung Fu, use of weapons and Forms. He is specialized in shaolin animal styles and forms such as leopard, tiger, eagle and snake. During the Shaolin Kung Fu Form Competition in Henan, Shi Teng was able to win the Shaolin Staff and Chi Kung. He has also earned numerous achievements in different competitions.

Shaolin kung fu master,Shi ...

Shaolin kung fu master,Shi Yan Fen.Yan Feng is another disciple of the 34th generation Shaolin of Original Song Mountain Shaolin Temple Monastery. Yan believed much about Kung Fu in Shaolin Temple at a very tender age. This gave him a rich experience and knowledge in different forms of Kung Fu. He ranks number seven and has travelled to Australia, France and Korea where he has been giving different training on Kung fu. He was first in the 2009 traditional competitions held in Zhengzhou. He has gained numerous training in different martial arts forms, animal styles (Eagle Chuan, Monkey Chuan, and Tiger Chuan), and Shaolin weapons among others.