Excellent shaolin masters from temple Ancient Shaolin Temple of Song Mountain
Shi Yan Guang

Shi Yan Guang,34th generation Shaolin monk of original Shaolin Temple Song mountain .He began to learn traditional Chinese Shaolin kung fu in Shaolin Temple at a very young age. He studied traditional shaolin kung fu forms and various weapons as well as Sanda(Chinese kickboxing) in shaolin temple.He participated Chinese Kickboxing Competition held by Henan province,and won first place in the 56kg fighting categories .And He got second place in in 57 kg sparing in Chinese Kickboxing Competition held by Luoyang city.He took part in China Shaolin Forms championships,he was awarded First place in Shaolin Staff.He is highly skilled at traditional shaolin kung fu forms,weapons,Sanda(Chinese kickboxing), Shaolin staff ,Da Hong Chuna, Chang Hu Xin Men Chuan ,Lian Huan Spear(Interlink Spear),etc.In 2012 August traditional shaolin kung fu competitions held in Yantai city, he was awarded first place at shaolin southern sword.