Excellent shaolin masters from temple Ancient Shaolin Temple of Song Mountain
Master Shi Yan Kuo

Yan Kuo studied different traditional martial arts as a child from Chuan Master Guo. His achievements and knowledge at a young age saw him getting a chance to study at Mount Song Shaolin Temple Monastery,dengfeng city,Henan province. Here, he was in a position of training in traditional Forms and Kick Boxing (called the Chinese Sanda). He would eventually become an accomplished fighter in Wing Tsun, Tai Chi, Miao Sword (Taiji), Baji, external and internal Chi Kung, and other Shaolin forms and traditional martial arts. During the festivals of 2009, Shi Yan was positioned first in 55 Kilo. This was during the 6th International Chinese Kick boxing held in Yantai. He would later be awarded in the 57 Kilo championship in 2011. He was also able to attain the first position during the Traditional Chinese Shaolin Martial Arts Competition in Yantai City in 2012 in Jin Gang Zhan Forms. He also won in Baji during the Mantis Fist Kung fu Festival held in Shangdong Province, Yantai.