Excellent shaolin masters from temple Ancient Shaolin Temple of Song Mountain
Kungfu Master Xu,Master Xu

Kungfu Master Xu,Master Xu is known by many as a former student of Wang Jian Zhong. Wang Jian is a widely respected and famous teacher who taught his all forms of traditional martial arts. Xu also studied plum blossom under the famous Wang Zhong. He also continued to study Chi na and plum blossom by himself. Later in 2003, Master Xu had gained more training in different styles such as Chen, Push Hands and Taiji. He also holds a record from the 1995 June 6-Nations Shaolin Martial Arts competitions whereby he won the Plum Blossom Chuan and also in Double Whip. He won the Chen Style in the National Taiji Forms festivals of 2009. He was also second for Taichi Sword. Xu also participated in the National plum blossom Championship held in Shandong Province. He was able to get the award for Short Weapons and was second in Forms. Later in August 2011, Master Xu managed to excel in the Chun Qui broadsword during the competition held in Jiaozou City. He is therefore an accomplished master in Plum Blossom, Single Sword, 9-Section Whip, Chunqiu da dao (Autumn-Spring broadsword), Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, and Chinese Chuan. Recently, during the Chinese Martial Arts Competition held in July and August 2012, Master Xu managed to be number one in Tai Chi and Big Sword.