Excellent shaolin masters from temple Ancient Shaolin Temple of Song Mountain
Respected Abbot Shi Yong Xin.Yong Xin

Respected Abbot Shi Yong Xin.Yong Xin is presently a Shaolin Abbot and serves at the Mount Song Shaolin Temple monastery. He studied his Shaolin Gongfu theories and culture of Buddhism for many years in a Shaolin monastery,dengfeng city,Henan province. As a student, he managed to achieve many goals and expertise. He later took his present power and office in the year 1999. His appointment to the position would make him the 13th successor. His other positions include serving as the Vice-chair of the Buddhist Association of China. He also represents the ninth National People’s Congress. He is respected for his role of promoting the Shaolin Temple’s culture, teaching martial arts and other aspects of Buddhists culture. He is also known to have played a huge role towards restoring the Shaolin Temple of China and at the same time helped promote and widen the ideas of Chinese Gongfu across the world.