Shaolin kung fu training experiences from student Darran..

Country:IrelandLearning length:Six months Date:2012-07-20

I spent six months to train kung fu in this shaolin kung fu school.

I was fortunate enough to be placed with great shaolin kung fu master and found him to be a truly excellent shifu/master.
I found myself working very hard for him and this was down to both his good nature and his ability to be serious when he has to be, and fun when he has to be , an excellent master and a fantastic martial arist. The translators are very friendly and helpful ,they are quite knowledgeable ,and are good friends too,very good.

The dinner and lunch-time meals I found to be very good and nutritious tasty . Nice city, we went jet-skiing one day which was fun, and the streets are very clean .

A nice place to learn kung fu in China..And nice friendly people.

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