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Chinese shaolin is a martial arts meant not only to help someone build his or her physical muscle and self -denfence, but also to boost the mental strength. Being centered on following instructions to the finest details, Kung fu has been found to develop the learner’s discipline above average standards. The styles include Wing Chun, and Shaolin Kung fu.


Ancient shaolin temple is a temple found in the Henan province in China. This temple has been echoed with anything and everything concerning shaolin Kung fu, a famous Chinese martial art. Other internal martial arts include chi kung and Qigong,etc.

The Shaolin monks have adopted the art of Kung fu, not only as a defensive mechanism, but as a source of mental, physical and spiritual strength. These monks became known at about 500 AD at a time when an Indian monk (Bodhidarma) paid the Chinese emperor a visit. This saw the introduction of more than fifteen yoga movements upon which Chi (internal energy) flow was based on. The monks developed Kung fu over the years and as a result, a wide spectrum of styles can be learnt today, primarily the Southern and Northern styles.


The monks also practiced the Tai Chi art as a way to avert stress, for self defense and mental benefit. Common styles include the Yang, Wu and Cheng. The Shaolin monks did the traditional Tai Chi style that composed of slow movements. Here, the five steps start with the taolu. Taolu involves use of solo hands and weapons. Next is neigong which is basically a meditation exercise. The tuishou is based on response to attacks and finally, the shanshou (chinese kick boxing) is a self-defense skill.


Generally, the kung fu practiced by the Shaolin monks is aimed at giving the fighter a sense of harmony, not only with nature, but also within him or herself.

If you want to learn kung fu well,you need to combine its  rich culture and theory to study,so that you can beneift a lot from phycial conditiona and mental spirit area.



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