The Thousand Buddha Temple
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Thousand Buddha Mountain or Mount Thousand Buddha (QianFo Shan in Chinese) is regarded as the one of the Three Greatest tourist Attractions in Jinan city. It is situated in south of the city, the Thousand-Buddha Mountain is about 260 meters high. There are many scenic spots and historical culture in the mountain.This mountain was called Mount. Li in the past. However, in the early days of Sui Dynasty, More than 125 statures of Buddha carved on the south side of the mountain, thousands of stone Buddhist sculptures were engraved on the mountain and the Thousand-Buddha Temple was built and soon it became quite famous, so the name of thousand-Buddha temple became mountain’s name,that is Thousand-Buddha Mountain. Main peak of Thousand-Buddha Mountain is 280m above sea level, with lots of huge stones, temples, pavilions, terraces on the mountain.The people can enjoy the beautiful sceneries all along the way by foot.

For the Admission Fee,it will take thirty Chinese yuan,you can take number bus 2, 31, 48, K51, K56 to reach thousand-Buddha Mountain.

Besides,the Park of Thousand-Buddha Mountain was listed as one of the Seven Beauty Spots of Shandong Province in1995. The people added lots of scenic spots such as water pull, gardens and ropeways and so on nowadys. The Thousand-Buddha Temple is located at half way of the mountain,and it was renamed as Xingguo Temple after reparation during Tang Dynasty.