Baotu Springs
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Baotu Springs Park is located in the city of Jinan with a history of 3,540 years,it represents the symbol of Jinan and is regarded as one of the three major and popular places to visit for travelers in Jinan,and it is highly regarded as a well known tourist attraction that makes an ideal places for admirers of wonderful natural springs, culture and rock garden park.The spring once was visited by the Emperor Qian Long (1711–1799) in Qing Dynasty who named it "the first spring under the heaven"


The memorial hall in Baotu Springs Park dedicated to Li Qingzhao (CE 1084-1151), the well known poet of the Song Dynasty who is regarded as the preeminent female Chinese language poet.


Besides the Baotu Spring, the park contains several other springs listed among the "seventy-two Famous Springs". "Bao tu" means "jumping and leaping" in Chinese. The water in the spring pool can be seen foaming and gushing. The waters of Baotu Spring retains a year-round temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. In winter, water mist rises like clouds.


Other main springs in the park are Jin Xian Spring and Shuyu Spring. In the ancient times, many famous poems and prose have been written its unique beauty.


The spring water is sweet and good for making and drinking tea. Tea tasting is a favorite past time here. To the east of the spring is the famous Teahouse, where you can, tasting tea and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Baotu Spring.


Baotu Springs, The admission fee is about 40 RMB.(Many buses (5 41 49 66 K51 K52 K54 K59 72 80 82 85 102 106)).


The Lantern Festival and Chrysanthemum Show are held each year and it is very traditional with cultural significance,you can’t miss it.