Tai Mountain-one of top sacred mountain in China
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Mt. Tai is the top of Five Sacred Mountains in China,located in the center of Shandong Province, going across t Tai an city and Jinan city. Tai Mountain with splendid Chinese cultural heritage had been listed in the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO in 1987.


It is one of the birthplaces Chinese civilization, evidence of human activity dating back 400,000 years.It was said that seventy two emperors of different dynasties made pilgrimages to Tai mountain to pray to heaven and earth or ancestors In ancient times.


Tai mountain has widespread fame for its special ceremonies and sacrifices,besides, lots of poets and literary scholars traveled Tai mountain in order to gain inspiration. And they leave grandiose temples, many stone inscriptions and stone tablets.Mt. Tai played an important role in the development of Buddhism and Taoism.


Besides historic relics,Taishan owns special natural scenery,deep valleys, peaks,spectacular waterfalls, enchanting rocks and old pines and cypresses. The four wonders of the mountain are Sunrises from the East, , the Sea of Clouds, the Sunset Glow and the Golden Belt along the Yellow River.