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Qi Gong or Chi Kung

Chi kung(Qigong in Chinese),is an internal kung fu. It is a chinese martial art that practices the philosophy breathing, physical activity and awareness for mental or spiritual energy. The word Chi in Chinese means breathing, energy and spirit. In Chinese martial arts, the word Gong means power with concentration on achievements. By combining Chi and Gong together you are describing systems and methods of “energy cultivation” and internal energy within the human body.

Learning Chi kung and using it can reduce the stress on your body, develop flexibility, gain energy, develop health, gain strength, and promotel being as well as longevity in life.In the ancient textsfor Taoist and Buddhist traditions, they regarded Chi Kung as one of the most important parts of their meditative study. Confucian scholars trained in Chi kung to improve their moral character. Studying Chi kung is not only for staying healthy,it is also closely tied with Chinese martial arts used to increase physical energy physical and to develop inner peace and fulfillment in meditation mentally.

Chi kung training includes four types of training. These four types are dynamic, static, meditative and activities that need external assistance. Dynamic learning requires movement and applies to physical and mental disciplines; just like, Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi Chuan and Ba 1gua. Static study requires the user to keep the body in a particular position. Meditative training works with the circulation of Chi (qi) in the inner body and how you breathe. The main idea of learning Chi Kung is to develop and store Chi. During the study Chi Kung the students endeavor to improve energy circulation and vitality which can help them move energy smoothly and freely throughout the whole body to increase the circulation of blood and chi.

The healing energy of Chi Kung is applied to Chinese medical theory by using Chi Kung training for health and well-being, which can increase the circulation of blood and chi in the body, aid in delivery of oxygen to the cells and stimulate the immune system. The Essentials of healing Chi Kung is used in China to relieve back, neck and joint problems.

Many foreigners travel to China to learn Chi Kung. Chi Kung is very popular in modern society and has spread all over the world.