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Study Plans at JiangNan shaolin Kungfu school

Shaolin Kung Fu Training Plans

●Short Term learning Plan

(1 week -3 months)Basic Shaolin Kung Fu history and theory, punches and kicks, flexibility & endurance training. One to three traditional Shaolin kung fu forms including the application of training weapon forms such as stave and sword. Chinese kick-boxing(Sanda) training, Tai chi, hard & soft Chi Kung(Optional), hand shapes, Ba Duan Jin and Yi Jin Jing and meditation. Learn basic Mandarin Chinese, Confucianism, calligraphy, acupuncture and massage.

●Medium Term Plan

(From four months to one year)Gain a more in-depth understanding of Shaolin Kung Fu history and theory. Learn punching, kicking, flexibility, endurance training. Study advanced Chi kung and Taichi. Gain a good understanding of the spirit of Chinese Shaolin Kung fu. Four to fourteen Shaolin fist forms, and how to use skills such as Shaolin Big Luohan fist, Small Luohan fist, Big Hong fist, etc. Additionally, learn animal forms, Qin na, Chinese kick boxing with sparring and advanced traditional Shaolin weapon forms like spear, double spear, double sticks. You can also study Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, meditation. For non-physical studies you will study Mandarin Chinese, Confucianism, calligraphy, acupuncture, massage and meditation.

●Long Term study

(one to three years) Students will gain a higher understanding of Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu history and theory. Students will learn more advanced punching, kicking, and train for greater flexibility, and endurance training. Students learn very advanced hard and soft Chi Kung and Tai Chi Forms. More than Eighteen Shaolin fist forms including advanced traditional Shaolin animal formssuch as tiger, leopard, monkey, snake, mantis, eagle and drunken boxing. Qin Na, which are advanced weapon forms like double broadsword, drunken sword, double hooks, bull whip, southern staff & sword and double chain whip will be learned. Learn how to use Shaolin Press for medical massage therapy. Study Buddhism and its origins. Learn greatly about Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing and Meditation. Additionally, you will study advance Chinese Mandarin, deeper Confucianism, calligraphy, acupuncture and massage.

Each student may determine their individual abilities and desire to learn in order to decide how long they wish to study.

Tuition Fee

●One-time application fee is 100 USD.

●The application fee is for guaranteeing a place for you at the Kung Fu school and pickup from airport/train station.

●Monthly Room & Board: $300 USD includes meals and lodging.

●Monthly Tuition Fee: $450 USD includes training.

●The tuition will be $30 less each month as it goes on. We offer the best discount for paying all at once. For example, if you want to learn for two months and pay all at once the cost will be the second month fee times two which is 730*2

●The cost of one year is 4880 USD,includes training,meals and lodging.

●For paying annually,the second year is $4620,the third is $4320,the fourth is $3720,the fifth is $3320.

●Students can try several days, and then decide the length of their stay and make the appropriate payment.

●If you leave the academy earlier than planned, you can get a refund.

●Refunds are not given to students who book for a month or less.