China Wingchun-Ancient Martial Art

ZhenJiang is a historic and cultural city with more than 3500 years of history and a tourist city. There is a long history for its culture and art. It has rich historical relics and was listed as a national historical and cultural city by the state council in 1986.

ZhenJiang's scenery is very beautiful, with a unique style of true mountains and rivers. It was regarded as "the most beautiful city in China" and was famous everywhere since ancient times. In ZhenJiang, there are many famous mountains, such as JinShan and JiaoShan, whose scenery is very charming, while Beigu Mountain is a bit steep. In the southern suburbs, there are three temples named Helin,Zhulin and Zhaoyin, which were surrounded by mountains and trees, and these mountains extend to the city center, being known as the "urban forest." There are also many relics in ZhenJiang: the world-renowned Jinshan River Temple, the long-established reputation of Jiao Shan Stone Tablets, the SongYuan ancient street with unique style of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the sophisticated street stone tower, etc.

All these have written down the long footsteps of this ancient city.