Kung Fu School and Chi Kung Healing Retreat in Japan


   Japan Osaka Kung Fu School is one of martial arts schools in Japan that offers comprehensive Chinese Kung Fu training, Japanese Kung Fu training ( Japanese karate ) and cultural exchanges .We are also a Kung Fu healing retreat in Japan that provides personal growth via martial arts training, healing Chi Kung and self-compassion meditation to develop essential life skills and gain the inner peace and happiness through going to Japan to learn martial arts.

   Besides that, our kung fu school in Japan temple also teaches Chinese Mandarin and conducts multi-cultural philosophical exchanges. The traditional masters here combine the essence of ancient Chinese culture and Japanese Kung Fu in the teaching of martial arts, thus promoting friendly cultural exchanges between China and Japan and broadening the students' cultural horizons,which is one of the best martial arts and Karate school in Japan.

  Our Kung Fu school in Japan offers martial arts courses including various traditional China Kung Fu styles ( Tai Chi, Healing Chi Kung, Shaolin Kung fu, meditation ,Wing chun, Baji ,etc), forms and applications, weapons, combat and boxing techniques, Japanese Karate ; as well as exposure to Chinese culture, (standard Mandarin, calligraphy), and Japanese culture (Japanese, tea ceremony), etc.

  We welcome people from all over the world to learn kung fu here and join us for cultural exchange. Our goals are to better understand the essence of cultures ,as well as  develop healing skills to improve our physical and mental health ,enhance our well-being ad benefit mankind through Kung fu training in Japan here.

Why going Japan to Learn China Kung Fu?
▪ Visa - Free for many countries.
▪ The ancient culture in Japan is similar to China culture.
▪ Amazing country to explore the diverse cultures and Temples.
▪ Reasonable fee for non-profit include meals, nice Japanese room and Kung Fu training.
▪ Top Kung Fu masters with many years Chinese Kung fu experiences.
▪ Pollution Free - the best air quality, the food, environment and water in Japan.
▪ The longest average life expectancy in the world.

Martial arts

Tai Chi Chuan
Traditional Shaolin
Wing Chun (Yong chun in Chinese)
Sanda-Chinese Kick Boxing
Xing Yi Chuan
Qi Gong or Chi Kung
Baji Chuan
Ba Gua Zhang



If you have Chinese martial arts enquires regarding our Kung Fu healing School in Japan, you can email or add us via WhatsApp +81 80-5866-1666 ( Mobile Phone and WhatsAPP).To register, please fill in the following Application Form to book in advance .