Preparation for your Kung Fu Training

Please read the preparation page below carefully. The information below is beneficial for you to join us.

1. What do you need to prepare to join the Kunyu Cultural Exchange Center in Japan?

Before you come, you can maintain a healthy diet and you just may do some running, Squats, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Hiking, Gymnastics, or Daily Stretching, which can assist your training here and can make training easier for yourself.

2. What is the procedure for entering the Kunyu center?

First, please contact us or send the application form to us.

3. What kind of visa do I need?

Japan is an easy country to enter, since belonging to visa-free countries with most countries in the world, you don't need to apply for a visa for a 90 or 180 day stay in Japan. For a longer stay, such as one year or longer. Please email us for more details. It is also simpler to deal with.

4. How to get to us?

The trip is that you take a flight from your hometown to Kansai International Airport,IATA in Japan first.

5. What kind of clothes should I bring?

You can bring some training clothes such as tracksuits, T-shirts, shorts, vests and sweat shirts and daily necessities.

If you come during the winter months from December to February, you will need to bring some warm clothes. As well, you can also purchase training clothes/shoes here at the big supermarkets we are located in.

6. Travel/Medical Insurance

We recommend that you purchase full medical/travel insurance, including accident or illness/injury insurance, for the duration of your stay with us.