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Healing Chi Kung

Meditation and Martial arts retreat

Healing Chi and meditation learning at Meditation and Martial arts retreat of Japan.

Chi Kung healing has its roots in China. It is a traditional exercise method for keeping fit, fighting off disease and prolonging life. It is a part of traditional Chinese medicine to keep fit and cure diseases. Qigong is a kind of physical and mental exercise for self-improvement, with the means of breathing adjustment (breath regulation), physical activity adjustment (body regulation) and ideological adjustment (heart regulation), and the purpose of strengthening the body, preventing and treating diseases, extending life expectancy and developing potential.

Chi Kung training at the outside beach park of Japan Osaka.

Martial arts practitioners also use special qigong techniques to enhance their ability to strike and resist, to increase their stamina, perseverance, and ability to resist interference, thus making them physically and mentally stronger.

The benefits of Chi Kung are as follows: 

1.  The meridians, which reconcile yin and yang, promote the movement of qi and blood throughout the body, thus improving symptoms of dizziness, weak limb flexion and extension, soreness and weakness in the waist and knees. 

2. Prevention and health care: Eliminate mental and physical fatigue, restore energy and physical strength, increase work efficiency, enhance physical immunity, and prevent disease. 

3. Improving respiratory system function to prevent and improve respiratory tract infections and other symptoms. 

4. Boost your metabolism. 

5. Cultivate Sentiment: Practicing kung fu should cultivate the mind. After entering the Qigong state, not only does the body experience a sense of comfort, but the mood will be highly pleasurable, so that the practitioner's body and mind are immersed in a detached artistic conception. 

6. Longer Life: Qigong exercises enhance the function of the five viscera and six organs, promote bone growth, mobilize and give play to the inner potential of the exerciser, improve the physical and mental health of the exerciser, delay aging, and achieve life-extending effects. 

7. The practice of healing Chi Kung at Chi Kung healing retreat has a certain improvement and therapeutic effect on a variety of chronic diseases.