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Tea Ceremony

Tea ceremony originated in China and has been further developed and perfected in neighboring Japan. Tea ceremony is the quintessence of Oriental culture and humanistic spirit, and the precious wealth that ancient Chinese civilization brought to all mankind. At Kunyu cultural exchange center in Japan,we will teach tea culture and exchange Japanese tea ceremonies.

Tea culture is a kind of "intermediary" culture, which takes tea as the carrier and aims to reflect the traditional ideology, morality and humanistic spirit of Eastern countries, including tea etiquette, customs, tea law, tea rules, tea technology, tea art, historical allusions, folklore, literature and art, poetry and songs, etc. Tea culture is a kind of "comprehensive" culture, involving many cultural fields such as architecture, music, dance, painting, opera, clothing, diet, medicine and so on.

Tea ceremony culture originated in China and was introduced into Japan and Korea in the Southern Song Dynasty. Tea drinking was further refined during the Ming Dynasty, before the beverage became known in Japan, where it gave rise to the tea ceremony.Today, the tea ceremony culture is popular in Japan and has become a typical representative of the world's tea ceremony culture.