Traditional Shaolin Wing Chun (Yong chun in Chinese) Tai Chi Chuan Sanda-Chinese Kick Boxing Qi Gong or Chi Kung Xing Yi Chuan Baji Chuan Ba Gua Zhang

Sanda-Chinese Kick Boxing

Students learn Chinese SANDA at school.

Chinese Sanshou ,Sanda or Chinese kickboxing have Chinese martial arts applications that involve many aspects of actual combat, including grappling and striking.  In the Chinese kick boxing competition in China, takedowns and throws are permitted in competition along with all other kinds of striking, such as arms and legs used.

Sanda sparring training

Sanda is the traditional Chinese fighting techniques and masters here teach students who desire to study Sanda with Sanda skills and techniques, theory and training methods and application and actual real combat.  Sanda is unarmed self-defense and close combat, that includes Ti (kicks), Da (punches), Shuai (Shuai Jiao), and Na (Chin Na).  Sanshou also emphasizes throws. One of the most prominent skills of Sanda is the “kick catch”. Chinese kick boxing includes the three ranges of combat kicking, punching and grappling, which adds great realism to the sport.

Sparring training at Japan Osaka Kung fu school

As an integral part of most Chinese Kung Fu competitions, Sanshou has been an important event in World Kung Fu Championships and Sanda competitions are held in more than seventy countries abroad nowadays. The rules of Sanda permit full contact punching, kicking, takedowns and throws derived from the traditional application of Chinese martial arts.