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Meditation with self-compassion

Healing Chi and meditation training

      Chinese healing meditation (meditation, sitting , inward looking and thinking) gives our life more refresh, no matter when and where, only when we calm down, feel their own breathing and body, care for themselves, self-awareness, learn to be grateful, will get stability and calm, we continue to deepen this feeling, can reduce physical and mental troubles and mental disorders, Finding your initial happiness and practicing for 15 to 60 minutes a day can lead to a positive development in the quality of your life. A normal lifestyle is a desire and a pursuit for most modern people.

Healing Chi and meditation learning.

The benefits of meditation are as follows:

1. Relax and reduce mental illness.

2. Reduce tension, anxiety, fear, all kinds of stress, calm the mood, make the exerciser do things more focused, more calm, more careful.

3. Relieve physical fatigue and improve the quality of sleep.

4. Be more patient and love people.

5. The mind becomes clearer, supplies memories, and thinks more accurately and logically.

6. Be more open-minded and less paranoid so that we can think broadly and comprehensively and come up with better solutions.

7. Improve your living habits and establish a healthy lifestyle by healing meditation.

8. Reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer's disease.

9. At critical moments, keep your mind balanced, calm, and make rational judgments.

10. Know yourself, and feel nature; break through the ego and feel the unity of nature and man by the training of Japan Osaka Kung Fu healing Retreat.