My Kung FU experience at Japan Osaka Kung Fu school

Sean Haley (USA)

Six month course from Jan 2023 to July 2023


Japan Osaka Kung fu school

I have been at Japan Osaka Kung Fu school for six months. I had very little knowledge or experience of any martial arts prior to coming here. I did have a strong desire to develop a different perspective on my life through the internal and external disciplines of martial arts. My idea coming in was to challenge my mind and body for the four consecutive seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I am 58 years of age and really wasn’t sure if My body would be able to endure such an intense and consistent regiment of training. I have now passed two seasons, Winter and Spring in Kung fu school in Japan. I have gained a better knowledge of the capacity of which my body can train and navigate injuries and recovery. My lower body and upper body are becoming more in sync and stronger. My body and mind are more capable than I knew and I am discovering this every day. I am Studying Qigong, Tai ji, Wing Chun and Baji  I study under Master Guo for all of these disciplines. He is a wealth of knowledge, unbelievable strong and inspires me to get up everyday and train.

Sean performed singing in BBQ party.

     It is challenging to live in a limited communal space and environment, where you live and train under the same roof. You must maintain cleanliness and respect in the common areas, integrity in the training amongst the group. It requires managing those relationships in the domesticities as well as in the training. It takes a great deal of consideration for others and decorum.

     I will continue for another two seasons of Summer, then Fall in Kun Yu Kung Fu Academy at their main school in China when I leave here. Because of the circumstances with 2 schools, 2 countries and visas, it is not possible to continue studying under Master Gua at this moment in time. I have a big hope for the teacher in China. He will have some huge shoes to fill after studying with Master Guo.I am 4-6 months into the basics of all the disciplines I am studying. .