Emilie Hansen (Germany)

Half Year course till July 2023


My review of Japan Kung Fu school in OSAKA.

Emile (on the left) achieved Excellent Student Certificate.

I have been at Kung Fu school in Osaka, Japan for six months. I had a few knowledge or experience of Taekwondo before to coming Japan. I did have a strong desire to develop a different perspective on my life through the internal and external disciplines of Chinese martial arts. My idea coming in was to challenge my mind and body during the 6 months. I wasn't sure that body could handle the intensive training. My body and mind are more capable than I knew and I am discovering this every day.

Japan OsakA Kung FU SCHOOL

Healing Chi Kung learning.

Beach park Kung FU training nearby.

I train in Shaolin Kung Fu, Taiji and Sanda.It is challenging to live in a communal space and environment, where you live under the same roof.  I'm gonna come to China Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts academy to train. Master Guo was a really good teacher in Taiji who taught me a lot.