Kung Fu Experience in Kung Fu school of Osaka 2023

Eric Gaffurini From Italy
Three-month courses from May to August 2023.

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Erik on the right of the photo.
I decided to come to Osaka Kung Fu School in Japan because I want to learn more Chinese martial arts and I want to learn as much as I can, so I was looking for a Chinese school on the internet and I found you.I found really great people here:everybody help me a lot in martial arts training including internal and external and not only, thanks to them, I learnt more than I can; 

Erik and other students experience Chinese Massage.

The masters are amazing: they taught me everything and they were very patience, and the master taught me a lot of Kung Fu, I improved my elasticity, my stamina and my conditioning, I hope to find more teachers like them in my way to learn martial arts. 

It was a very good experience and I would like to come back to the school again, perhaps next time at the Chinese branch.

 Thank you for everything and everyone.