Eric Lahaye  (France )  Two Month Kung FU training till September 2023

Feedback on Kung Fu Training in Japan

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I recently had the incredible opportunity to train at the Japan Osaka Kung Fu school, and the experience far exceeded my expectations. Under the guidance of skilled and knowledgeable of my master, my journey through the world of kung fu has been nothing short of transformative.


The dojo, where the training took place sometimes and were we live was a marvel in itself. It exuded a sense of traditional charm, with its authentic architecture and meticulously crafted interiors. Every aspect of the dojo reflected the rich history and heritage of Japan, creating an atmosphere that seemed to transport us to a bygone era. This authentic setting added immeasurable value to the experience.

 Experience Massage class.

My master at the kung fu school was exceptional like always. His expertise in the art form was evident from the moment we begin our training every morning. He not only possessed incredible physical skills but also had a deep understanding of the underlying philosophy and principles of kung fu. This amalgamation of physical prowess and the wisdom of ancient teachings. His commitment to the martial arts is awe-inspiring, and his dedication to imparting his skills to the students was unmatched. However, this Kung Fu training with my master is an amazing experience ,not only for physical discipline,it’s also emphasize the mental and spiritual aspects of the martial art.

We learn about mindfulness, focus, and the importance of cultivating an indomitable spirit.


Thank you very much for giving me the chance to train one more time to your school. See you probably another time .