Victor Febus from USA 

Six month Kung fu training at Japan Osaka Kung Fu school till July 2023


Master Guo and master Jamel are both very experience and skilled masters in their specific fields and can jump in and commence the student training base on the individuals martial art knowledge and skill level. Also are able to work with all the international students that came here from the different parts of the world and different age groups.

They both show great patience in their dealing with us all every day from training to non training, especially when we have any injuries from minor to long term ones.

Life here:  We live in a two story building in the old Japanese style decor, with a small sub level floor which serves as a dinning room for eating. Which is also used at time to teach Chinese and Japanese language also some times calligraphy. We are served 3 meals one in house cooked breakfast and 2 cater in lunch/ dinner. Their is also cleaning of the placed inside from 2 to 3 times a week and one time of the outside grounds.

Training in the beach forest park - healing Chi kung

On the weekend one can travel out to visit anywhere one likes to go, their is a lot to see and visit here in Japan. The train and bus system are easy to navigate with the help of google map app and used of the direction option one will need to purchase a data SIM card at the airport upon landing. And for the paying of the train or bus ride I recommend getting the transportation ICOCA card which one can get at any train ticket machine, faster way to paid to get from the starting point to one destination just put money on the card and swipe at the entrance and exit, the system with deduct the correct amount.

The air quality is great here and their are parks and a small beach not more then two miles from the school also the indoor hot spring less then half a mile that students enjoy going too in the evening after training. I recommend getting a mosquitos net for sleeping.

The training here at the school ground is small but we make it work, and are able to teach up to 20 students. We also go outside of the school twice a week one to a local park and the other to the beach location for training. Beside the martial art styles and form we also do power exercises and stretching every week.