Andrew Strang  ( UK )

Two month Tai Chi and CHi Kung course from August to October 2023.


Here is my experience summary on Kung Fu training in Japan.

I have had a wonderful experience and highly recommend the Japan Osaka Kung Fu Temple.It has been challenging and inspiring. I originally applied to learn more about Tai chi and Qigong. This I did; but I also learnt so much more about  Chinese martial arts in general and was able to push myself beyond my limits 

It is definitely challenging and you need to remember to be disciplined and respectful while attending, which I was quite happy with.

It was a pleasure and honour to learn directly from Master Guo. He is obviously a hard task master but he is also a kind and humourous man.

Healing Chi Kung fu learning in the forest park nearby.

I made great friends at the school too and the camaraderie was excellentThe location is in the quiet suburbs of Osaka and you everything you need close by.  Theres an excellent onsen 400 metres away which soothes the aching muscles which you will no doubt get from the training.

All in all, I'm so grateful for the experience and can't wait to return, either here, or to ChinaChina head academy,Kunyu Mountains Kung Fu academy..