Ryan Lightheart (USA )

Six month  TRAINing reviews from July to 2023 December


When I first arrived at the Japan Osaka Kung Fu School, I had zero experience when it came to Kung Fu or martial arts in general and I had none of the physical prerequisites that would of made the training easier. If I had to be honest I would say the training here truly tested me and there were times when I truly felt like giving up, nevertheless I pushed through and all thanks to the knowledgeable Coaches and Masters who push you to always do your best. and even the students who were always pushing themselves to do better which always gave me the motivation to push through the difficult moments in the training. My training here has been the most fun I’d ever had whether it was going to the beach for a 10 kilometer run or going to the training hall to practice acrobatics and sparring, the experience I’ve gained and the friends I’ve made here I wouldn’t give for anything.

    Besides the Kung Fu training the school provides they also had some excellent classes for culture including languages such Japanese and Chinese, I personally chose Japanese which made day to day life in Japan much easier. They also offered Chinese culture classes, and classes for calligraphy and tea, when we learned about tea it was nice and relaxing afternoon tea where we would sit have some tea and talk about the intricacies of tea. Along with everything the school provides it was very nice to have one of the best Onsens around so conveniently located near the school. Then there’s the train system in Japan which allows you to easily and cheaply make your way to nearby city’s such as Nara, Kyoto, Kobe, and it’s even relatively easy to go to Tokyo which only take a little over for hours