Olivia  ( USA ) From Oct 2023 to Jan 2024.

Two and Half Month Shaolin Kung fu and Shaolin sword training

I had an amazing time at the Japan Osaka Kung fu school. I originally intended to stay for 1 month and ended up staying for 2.5 months because I loved the training and my life there. I came already with a background of Shaolin Kung fu and wanted to expand on it, and I was able to get great training from the Shifus and the coaches in Shaolin Kung Fu. I learned new forms, application,and gained strength and stamina. Also the daily implementation of the internal martial arts practices (Qigong and Tai Chi) added a lot to my practice and helped me find more flow and balance. 

Living in Osaka is an amazing benefit to training here too. There are endless things to explore, and many areas are very easy to get to by train for a weekend trip. Osaka city center is about 50 minutes away, and beautiful towns like Kyoto and Nara are also 1-2 hours away. 

Also I am vegan, and I was worried about not having enough food options, but there is a big supermarket near the school and I was able to find plenty of vegan food and snacks there.

I loved living in a traditional Japanese house in a tatami style room, and sharing a communal space with the students and other coaches. The school’s location is in a very quiet residential area of Osaka and it’s a peaceful place to be.

I’m very grateful for my time there and I hope to come back one day.

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