Emil Kling  (Germany )

Six- Month Kung Fu Training till 2023 November


Healing Chi kung training

I had the great opportunity to study kung fu in Japan Osaka Kung Fu School for six months. I trained before at the mother school in China, so I know before that I can expect great masters and a big improvement in my skills.  The time in Japan was amazing, I learned so much from my master, not only in martial arts skills, also in Chinese culture, calligraphy and so on. The knowledge of the masters are impressive.

BBQ party in JAPAN Osaka Kung Fu school

The environment of the kungfu school in japan is amazing. It’s close to the beach, where we trained once a week, not far from the mountains and the city center of Osaka is also easy to reach by train. You have also an japanese onsen close to the school, where you can relax and recover from the training.

I can just recommend everyone to make the experience to life and train there.

Traditional Kung Fu Training in Japan