Rafael Werner (Germany)

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5 Month China Kung Fu training till March 2024

Staying in Japan Osaka Shaolin Kung Fu school doing Shaolin KungFu, Baji, Tai Chi and several other martial arts for around 5 months was an amazing experience.

Waking up everyday and living in a traditional Japanese house and area combined with the daily training is just beautiful.

Daily stretching and strengthening the body and also having regular Tai Chi and Qi Gong while being mentored by headmaster and master Guo and the coaches simply changes a person in a good way.

I met many great people and made some good friends during my stay. While staying and living in Japan you get a lot of cultural insights which will even increase with the weekly cultural classes. These can be from Japanese or Chinese language classes to calligraphy, tea ceremony and even traditional Chinese massage. To sum it up I had a life changing experience which I will benefit from not only in my martial arts journey but also in my daily life. 

Thanks a lot to headmaster, master Guo, Coaches and all the students I had the pleasure to be training with here in Japan Osaka Kung Fu school!