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Japan Osaka Kung fu school Review Elien

japan osaka kung fu school

 Learning Kung fu with top Master

I have stayed for 2,5months in the Osaka shaolin kung fu school in Japan, learning mostly Shaolin basics, tai chi, wing chun and chi gong.

In 2018 I went to Kunyu mountain academy in China for 3 months training Shaolin, I was hoping to return there for a longer training, but at that time it wasn't possible. I decided to go to the branch of Japanese school in January 2024. For me the Osaka kung fu school was a great place to review the forms I learned and to grow in my kungfu basics. I had the luck to train with coach who helped me to improve in my Shaolin Kung Fu and my overall posture and skills. 

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During my stay at the Osaka school, the headmaster taught me the wing chun basics and Chen style tai chi. In these past few months I feel I improved a lot and it will be helpfull for me in my future Kung Fu training.
The Osaka school is a nice environment to learn and study. When staying there I got to meet a lot of nice people, we were rather a small group. But that made, that you know each other well. During my stay I was happy to meet nice and inspiring students. I am grateful of the teachings I received from Coach and the Headmaster and I am looking forward to study more in the future.