Kouhei From Japan


Three months course to Febuary to May 2024.

I have stayed 3 months in the Japan Osaka Shaolin Kung Fu  school. I learned many new things not only from the training with Master, Coach and other students but I learned more about myself and had great self discovery. Kung Fu does apply to real life and any other life situation. I will bring that with me for the rest of my life. As someone who started without any martial arts experience and as a smaller sized person, the first month here was challenging such as the stretching, power training and many other endurance and techniques training. Then, I start to get used to it and see myself improve where I could do something I wasn’t able to. I’m grateful for the headmaster and coach for teaching me the proper forms and posture to show me how I can harmonize with my body and mind and unleash power in my forms. 

The environment is very convenient with the train station less than 10 minutes walk. I really enjoyed Universal Studios Japan which was only 1 hour away. Not to mention there is Kyoto, Nara and Wakayama. Many amazing places nearby to visit during the weekend. Osaka is known to be rank #3 prefecture to have the best cuisines in Japan. 

Overall, I find my 3 months here to be valuable and met amazing people. Headmaster and Cathy were very kind to me.

BBQ in May 2024